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Learn How to Trade Stocks Profitably by joining our elite insiders club of stock traders worldwide.

John F. Carter, an experienced professional stocks trader, leads community members providing analysis & profitable strategies of stocks and ETFs.

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Are you new to trading stocks and you want to find an easy to follow trading methodology you can use to learn to trade stocks profitably?

Are you someone with experience trading stocks, but want to find more innovative, simpler, and creative stock trading strategies and specific ideas for additional profitable opportunities?

Are you looking for easy to use technical analysis tools that will help cut your learning curve in half?

Do you seek a learning environment where you are empowered through strong support, trading knowledge, and tools you need to develop a trading plan that meets your individual goals)

Do you need a complete Stock trading universe where we cover everything from basic to fully advanced stock trading techniques along with all the tools and resources you need in ONE place?

Join us in this unique environment where you get expert advice from a recognized professional stock trader. Learn everything you need to be a successful stock trader from the comfort of your own home and at the pace you choose to learn!





Line in the Sand on COST
Don Kaufman
Costco has started to break through support and if it can't hold on, we may be in store for some big selling to follow. Lets also spend some time reviewing a couple of positions on XLF, TWTR and a few more. . . .
$DJT Still Broken but XLF is Holding
Neil Yeager
I know we've been harping on it as of late, but my biggest concern continues to be the Transportation Indexes. Lets take a look . . .
TWTR Still in Search of the Bottom
Don Kaufman
TWTR just continues to bleed out and I don't think it's going to get better anytime soon. Lets take a look at this short setup on TWTR . . .
Time to Trim the Fat
Neil Yeager
Tonight we're going to spend some time discussing "trimming the fat".This is basically just saying, when something (i.e a trade) isn't working, take it off and reallocate your capital. We'll also spend some time looking at few stocks that are strong despite the overall market conditions, like PANW. . . .
Signs of Weakness in TSLA
Don Kaufman
Tonight we'll spend some time reviewing a trade idea on TSLA. The one thing that's really sticking out to me, is its low implied volatility. With the charts looking to roll over, I like this stock short. Lets spend some time discussing how we can play it. . . .
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