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Your chat room is awesome! Absolutely the best value in chat rooms that I've ever been on. It's not even about the trades, which do work out enough to pay for the site - so far. It's about learning the process and understanding what to be looking for. I understand I don't have to trade exactly like you, but the information is valuable however one trades. And it really helps to watch you "apply" it in your way, because it provides us with ideas for ourselves. I think most would agree. Thank you very much


I just wanted to say thank you for all you do! I heard one of your free videos 3.5 weeks ago and your teaching and approach really struck a cord with me. Since that time I've purchased and worked through both your indicators and patterns in the market courses. They are fantastic! From now on, anytime you offer a course I'm buying it! They're that good! I also purchased the Simpler Stocks premium subscription and I'm learning really good things every day. It's been exciting as I'm seeing my trades begin to work from what you've been teaching me. Not only with stocks but even with some forex trades! I work a full time job and have been working for almost a decade to transition to a full time trader. It's been painful along the way but I've grown little by little from losing trader to slightly above break-even trader. I've got high hopes that the skills I'm beginning to learn from you will accelerate the process. Thank you again so much! I look forward to hearing you each day! I can't wait to see what the coming months bring!


Thank you for your wonderful insights, scaled out of the $ORCL butterfly for $2100 total. Not bad, for a “cheap shot".


I just listened to your free video for Simpler Stocks. Thanks so much for your explanation of the market today. I know there was a large sell imbalance at the close today. Unfortunately, I missed your hour in the trading room today. Your explanations are so insightful and helpful, I really appreciate all you do.


I first became acquainted with you via free videos…then the simpler indicator session last week. Really like your approach…you’re are a clear professional…and my style is aligned to your directional perspective. Overall, you are one of the first I will look forward to each day. I can most certainly learn from you., and thus, I re-subscribed to the daily videos after being off them for quite some time. Well done…and thanks for the chart orientation last Friday…a winner. Best to you


It was great, between your session and the video, I feel like you are my own private trainer lol


I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you bring to SO/SS. I'm trying very hard to make trading my full time job, as I'm 53 years old, and am far more interested in trading then re-entering the work force at this time in my life. You have a great calming demeanor, as well as insights that I really appreciate. I love the day trades and the setups, but even more than that, I really appreciate it when you take the time to explain your thought process. I don't want someone to say "Buy TSLA NOW!!!" (which I know is probably against the rules), but rather, someone to explain the process of evaluating TSLA (or any stock) so that I can determine when to trade it or not. I think you do that extremely well, and I wanted to let you know that. Also, I appreciated your sharing of your morning/daily routine. I'm trying to bring order to the chaos of trading in my world, and as you know, there are so many things to track and note, it can be a little overwhelming. As I am figuring out what my daily routine should be, it's very helpful to see what a successful professional trader does. It helps me to decide where my focus and attention should be. Thank you so much, everyone at SO/SS is great, but your methods, mindset, and preparation really resonate with me, and I'm very grateful to be able to learn from you.


I just watched your video from last nite and once again am thoroughly amazed at your willingness and ability to teach. I started listening to you and am so happy you are part of the team. I thoroughly intend to absorb as much info as you are willing to share and look forward to the day that I do my own fishing. Methinks it’s coming soon J. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.