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Options & Futures 6/29/2017
Henry & Raghee - June 29, 2017
Options & Futures  6/29/2017
Free daily videos will no longer be posted on the Simpler Stocks site. Please visit Simpler Options or Simpler Futures, or our Simpler Trading YouTube channel, for free daily videos. . . .
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Options & Futures 6/28/2017
Henry & Raghee - June 28, 2017
Options & Futures  6/28/2017
In today's free video we review MOMO after Tuesday's reversal, levels to consider for hanging onto an idea vs. cutting it loose, and one new spread idea in financials. . . .
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Options & Futures 6/27/2017
Henry & Raghee - June 27, 2017
Options & Futures  6/27/2017
Some of these Chinese stocks have been doing better than others, and while MOMO did not rip higher I am looking for it to hold recent lows. There are several ways to try and take advantage of that. Let's look at a few in tonight's free video newsletter. . . .
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Options & Futures 6/26/2017
John & Raghee - June 26, 2017
Options & Futures  6/26/2017
You guys are loving the Darvas Box analysis, at least that's the feedback I am getting. So in this video, I explain what it is, how it's drawn, and why you should have this 70-year-old, classic tool on all your charts. It's a game changer, gang. . . .
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Options & Futures 6/23/2017
John & Raghee - June 23, 2017
Options & Futures  6/23/2017
It's common knowledge that the stock market doesn't trade in a vacuum. But what's influencing it the most right now? Let's take a look. . . .
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Options & Futures 6/22/2017
Henry & Raghee - June 22, 2017
Options & Futures  6/22/2017
There's always several ways to look at trading earnings reports, but if you're afraid you may not nail the strikes on your butterfly, try to pay for them with a credit spread. That's how we laid out ORCL ahead of their report, and it looks like it may be helpful with a better than expected move. . . .
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Options & Futures 6/21/2017
John & Raghee - June 21, 2017
Options & Futures  6/21/2017
While the markets continue to generate mixed signals, I'm very comfortable sitting on these three income trades. . . .
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Options & Futures 6/20/2017
Henry & Raghee - June 20, 2017
Options & Futures  6/20/2017
Solid setups come from a solid watchlist. And it's a simple process once you know where to look: Economic Calendar, Relative Performance, and Trends. That's been my process for nearly three decades. This week, gold, euro, crude, the dollar, and Australian dollar are in play. . . .
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Options & Futures 6/19/2017
John & Raghee - June 19, 2017
Options & Futures  6/19/2017
While I make daily time frame trend following the foundation of my trading, intraday setups serve a lot of purposes, from confirming entries to being able to get more aggressive or even catch entries that were missed. I am also sharing a tool that I have been using on and off for about 30 years with you all, and it's a fantastic tool for new and experienced traders alike. . . .
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Options and Futures 6/16/2017
John & Raghee - June 16, 2017
Options and Futures  6/16/2017
The markets were down today, but not out. This is the new flight to quality barometer to keep an eye on tomorrow. . . .
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Options and Futures 6/15/2017
John & Raghee - June 15, 2017
Options and Futures  6/15/2017
The trends have been grinding it out near correction; staying patient means waiting for the Trend to get back to work. . . .
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Options and Futures 6/14/2017
Henry and Raghee - June 14, 2017
Options and Futures  6/14/2017
Butterflies and all their variations are one of my favorite ways to trade, but not all of them are created equal. Let's look at two of my favorites, the pros and cons of each, along with how to set them up into Friday. . . .
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Options and Futures 6/13/2017
John and Raghee - June 13, 2017
Options and Futures  6/13/2017
As we step more into establishing higher quality income type trades, I've set up a new account to track these specifically. An example is this trade we did this morning. . . .
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A Massive Rotation Unfolds Today
Chris Brecher - June 12, 2017
A Massive Rotation Unfolds Today
As I have predicted this week, the extreme bullish sentiment in the /NQ would lead to a sell-off, while the RUT could see big inflows. Right now the /NQ is getting hit, while the RUT is on the verge of a big upside breakout. . . .
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A Good Day for the Small Caps
Chris Brecher - June 9, 2017
A Good Day for the Small Caps
A surge in the small caps kept the markets afloat today. I published a list of the best small caps to buy yesterday on the Simpler Stocks premium side. Many did great today! . . .
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Geopolitical Events Keep the Market in Check
Chris Brecher - June 8, 2017
Geopolitical Events Keep the Market in Check
Because of elections overseas, and the Comey testimony tomorrow, it seems traders decided to play it safe today. The notable winners are the FANG stocks, as they became oversold short term while still in massive uptrends. . . .
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